eTreniki: Free online editor for customizing educational web apps

Online web editor intended for customizing educational web apps (trainings). Available at
Quick demo: one, two and three.

Window construction model rendering demo (SVG)

Client-side editor (native js). Edit and render PVC window model
Quick demo is here, repo is there

Morfanki: Free educational iPad game added to AppStore

This app was developed with HTML, CSS and JS (jQuery, Morfana) and compiled using PhoneGap Build. The app is available for free download from App Store.

Morfana: JavaScript display engine for morphemic analysis

This library is intended for visualising morphemic analysis markup in russian language (mostly for educational web sites and apps). More information at and GitHub repository.

simpleAnaglyphMaker: simple client-side web application

Client-side web application made with jQuery and Bootstrap and intended to combine left and right images (stereo-pair) into anaglyph image. Demo and GitHub repository.

Chart as input

Angular + D3. This chart input was developed for financial analyze app. Demo is here, repo is there